We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting , making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!


The girls at the desk are very efficient and friendly. Dr. Martin is very professional and just a great personality to be with. Does anything I ask to make it perform to the best of my needs as a musician. I would definitely recommend them. It is hard to find this kind of professional service elsewhere. I have dealt with three others in the past.

Sheila K.

I am most pleased to say that my doctor was a very refreshing light of knowledge, compassion, and concern with an eagerness to help me as a patient. He was very interested in my journey and thoroughly studied all my information given to him. Although competent in his field of study, I am impressed that he is on the forefront of what is happening and being studied, developed, and researched in the field of audiology and ear disease. For him, I am eternally grateful.

Rich K.

I met Terry at the Rehab Center probably over 30 yrs ago where he worked. I have no reason to go else where. I’d recommend Terry because of his education, patience, and willingness to satisfy his customer for hearing needs instead of just trying to sell a hearing aid.


I had not been able to hear at all with my previous aids. I received results after being fitted with hearing aids from Hearing & Speech Associates, and I am satisfied.


I am on my second set of hearing aids and I am really satisfied with them. My appointments are usually on time with very little waiting. Mr. Terry Martin knows what he is doing and keeps checking to see if my hearing aids fit. I would recommend Hearing & Speech Associates to any one that asks where I got mine. In fact, I already have!


Mr. Martin has taken extra time and effort to provide me with the best possible hearing aids for me. I really appreciate his efforts.


I was taken care of at the time of my appointment and did not feel rushed. My questions were answered and they did not appear upset, no matter how many times I ask the same question. I am very satisfied with the way I was taken care of.

Maurice H.

My experience with Terry Martin and his staff has been very positive. The testing was done in a very professional manner and the options for hearing improvement, along with the associated costs, were thoroughly explained. Based on the positive results of my experiences with Terry Martin and his staff, I would suggest others consider them.


My experience at Hearing & Speech Associates was very positive. Everything was handled in a professional manner. Terry Martin explained everything and answered all of our questions. I was very impressed with the whole operation. I would heartily recommend the services of Hearing & Speech Associates. I would recommend Terry Martin.


I am very pleased with their evaluation and prescription of hearing aids for me. The doctor was professional and kind, as was his office staff. I believe they would treat each person as I was treated.


My experience was very positive, from the friendly office staff to my doctor. He was great to work with; he was very patient in listening to my concerns and any problems I was having with my hearing aids. He never looked at his watch; he would work with me till I was satisfied. I would recommend Hearing & Speech Associates to anyone. They were all helpful, understanding, and patient with me.


So very understanding and patient with me. Mr. Martin is the best ever. The staff asks when it would be convenient for me.


My hearing aid was old, and my hearing had worsened in the intervening years. I had a hearing test, and a new-and-improved model was purchased. It is much better than the old one.


My experience was excellent. I was treated promptly, courteously, and had all my questions and concerns tended to.


It was an excellent experience. Dr. Grable explained everything and answered all my questions. She was very professional and made sure I understood everything. I had a hearing loss for years, and this opened up a whole new world for me.


Everyone has been very friendly and made me feel comfortable every visit. I would not have a problem telling my friends about this office.

Bob Hamilton

The staff at Hearing & Speech Associates is always courteous and helpful, and they provide services professionally and with personal care. They know the meaning of "on time" appointments and go out of their way when you have a problem with immediate attention. Sessions are never rushed, and communications are open and encouraged.

I really appreciated when audiologist Terry Martin waited after closing hours for me to come in to get an adjustment on my hearing aid as he knows I was leaving for a prolonged trip — and that's what I call caring.

The entire staff makes you feel comfortable and important and gives you their time and attention.

I highly recommend Hearing & Speech Associates to my family, relatives, and friends for any hearing problems.


The office staff and Megan are very friendly, appointments are on time with no waiting, and I’ve never felt pressure to buy more expensive aids than what I’ve needed.

Would you recommend us?
Yes, because of your friendly staff and low-key salesmanship.

Linda Puertzer

I have been seen by Terry Martin for at least five or six years. He is very knowledgeable in his field, is very courteous, explains information to you regarding hearing aids, and shows you the cleaning process. The office staff is courteous and helpful.

Would you recommend us?
Yes, I have.

Jack Field

Great experience. Megan made it very easy to choose an appliance. The office staff is also very professional.

Would you Recommend us?
Yes, and already have to several friends and family.